Upcoming Exhibitions

What If?
Group show with Wall Batterton, Mathew Rosenquist and Senon Williams. 

1024 N. Western Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90029
Opening Reception April 28, 2018
Closing reception May 19, 2018 with sound performance by Mark Lightcap.

Solo Exhibitions

Two Words Lithograph Release Event, ODD ARKā€¢LA.
Los Angeles CA, 2018 

Banned Together, LSH.
Los Angeles CA, 2017

HUNTED & GATHERED Book Release Event, Arcana: Books on the Arts
Culver City CA, 2017
I Can See You On My Map, Gladys Tamez Millinery.
Los Angeles CA, 2017
Void And Not Be Hindered, Stories Books and Cafe.
Los Angeles CA, 2017
Not Humans, Matrushka Construction.
Los Angeles CA, 2016

Group Exhibitions

Curatorial Hub Launch Party, Bestor Architecture
Los Angeles CA, 2018 

Capsule Holiday Show, Capsule.
New York NY, December 14, 2017 – January 14, 2018
Text Message, an exhibition of fine art with literal basis, The  Loft at Liz’s.
Los Angeles CA, 2017
The Art of Music and Dance, Constable Gallery At Large.
Siem Reap Cambodia, 2017
The Brain Art Event, The Chiari Project.
Santa Monica CA, 2016
You Better Bring All Your Friends, with Jon Huck, Alchemy Works.
Downtown Los Angeles, 2016
GUNS, The  Loft at Liz’s.
Los Angeles CA, 2016
We’re Fucked, Matrushka Construction.
Los Angeles CA, 2008